Blood Glucose Meter


The Rightest blood glucose meter and test strips are a great choice for healthcare providers and people living with diabetes to monitor blood glucose levels reliably.

The Rightest meter is available for free from us. Click here to order your free meter.


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Quality and accuracy

Rightest meters guarantee the highest quality and levels of accuracy. Simple to use with no setup required, they:

  • Have proven accuracy to the latest ISO standards
  • Show results at 5 seconds
  • Only require a small sample size – 0.75μl or less
  • Have a large LCD display window and easy to navigate buttons, making testing very simple.

Ease of use 

The Rightest meter and strip design is innovative, making glucose testing very simple. It features:

  • A large LCD display window and easy-to-use big buttons
  • Horizontal strip placement on the meter for secure sample testing
  • Strips are wider, thicker and have a textured grip, so they’re easy to handle

Lancet compatibility

The Rightest meter comes with a universal lancing device, which is compatible with the following lancets: Microlet, Freestyle and TrueTrak.

These are all widely available at your local pharmacist.

NDSS approved

Rightest strips are subsidised through the NDSS, use our pharmacist locator at the top of the screen to find the nearest pharmacy to you.

Each box contains 100 strips and the NDSS code is 332.

Click here to order your free meter

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If there are no pharmacists listed in your area, tell your local pharmacist to order the test strips for you. As they are on the NDSS they should be able to get them in stock within 3-5 working days.

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