Digital Health

CliniTouch Vie is our digital health solution

We believe the world would be a better place if people used CliniTouch Vie to manage their condition in their home.

CliniTouch Vie is a dynamic, cloud-based healthcare platform that connects patients with long term conditions to their clinical team. Patients use the tablet device (pictured above) which connects to a range of bluetooth vital sign monitors such as a blood pressure cuff, a blood glucose monitor or a pulse oximeter. Patients then answer a set of tailored daily questions. This information is complied into a Red-Amber-Green rating which is immediately available to the healthcare team via a secure cloud connection. This means the clinical team can safely prioritise their workload, knowing which of their patients need support.

This evidence based digital health platform uses remote monitoring and patient empowerment to help people stay safely out of hospital whilst offering clinical experts the opportunity to actively and safely monitor the patient’s condition, allowing them to focus their precious time on those who need support.

Our award winning digital health solutions are helping to address some of the challenges facing today’s health care environment. Our healthcare customers who are using CliniTouch Vie are extending care access, keeping people out of hospital, increasing productivity, improving care quality, and lowering the cost of care.

CliniTouch Vie is easy to use and usage improves self-management behaviours.

Unlike other remote monitoring products, CliniTouch Vie has published evidence for the NHS in England that shows a 67% reduction in admissions, allowing nursing caseloads to be safely increased.

How does it work?​

CliniTouch Vie uses cloud-based technology, so conditions can be managed from the comfort of the patient’s own home.

  1. Data is securely collected and stored securely on the cloud 
  2. Our intelligent software asks specific questions and reads the patient’s vital signs to determine their current state of health
  3. If required, the software prompts the patient to take immediate action to manage their condition 
  4. Patients are able to check their own vital signs using the tablet and wireless devices, such as blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters
  5. Healthcare specialists can review the patient’s details remotely, and can contact them directly via video conferencing or messaging on the tablet
Digital Health Solution

Why choose CliniTouch Vie?​

  • Empowered patients – As treatment takes place in their own home, you’ll see improvements to patient confidence and independence when it comes to managing their condition. Patients also have access to self-education resources.
  • Improved individual care – Our system allows for a truly personalised approach. It can interact with patients throughout the day, and can immediately start preventative action if necessary.
  • Significant cost savings – Reduced hospital admissions mean financial savings can be put towards other resources.
  • Reduced number of home visits – Our cloud-based technology helps to provide round-the-clock care, saving you time that would have been spent on home visits.

Find out about how CliniTouch Vie can help you and your patients​​